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Modern Dentistry – All in ONE –

From Generalized Dentistry –

To Digital Modern Dental Technology.


Smile With Confidence !


Relax – no need to fear.

We use the latest in Dental Technology

 Assuring your comfort.


Smile With Confidence !


Day – to – Day Dentistry for the Family

and much more. 



Dr. A. Ferreira Moinheiro Dental Suites is a state of the art Dental Practice, using advanced, high technology equipment available in dentistry today.

We are an “all in one” Dental Practice, from generalized dentistry to most advanced modern and cosmetic dentistry.

In just one visit, one place, we cater in most areas of dentistry including regular check-ups, braces (Damon System), implants, full rehabilitations, and make overs with or without implants.

Bad breath is uncomfortable especially with yellow teeth, but you don’t have to suffer from it any longer.

Most of the above mentioned treatments are done in one visit at our suites –
|Pretoria|  |Nelspruit|  |Maputo|

You don’t have to fear dental treatments any longer!

Tooth loss or embarrassing smiles are something of the past!

We don’t use silver amalgam fillings at all!

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Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry


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TMDental Suites - Pretoria

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